Principal research Institute outside France



partner of the PICS INTEREPISTEME project, has studied Economics and Philosophy, and is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna. Winner of the ERC Starting Grant, “The Roots of Mathematical Structuralism” in March 2017, he is an expert of Carnap, logicism, and mathematical structuralism.


is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna and has worked previously at the Institute Vienna Circle (University of Vienna) from 2006 to 2016. His main areas of research include the history of the Vienna Circle and Logical Empiricism, with special emphasis on the philosophy of Rudolf Carnapa and on the French reception of Logial Empiricism.

Elisabeth NEMETH

Full Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Vienna, is an expert in Otto Neurath’s economics, as well as in the comparative study of the philosophy of science in the Vienna Circle and in Europe, and especially in the French tradition. She has investigated the social impact of encyclopedic projects and the relations between philosophy of science and democracy, but has recently discussed also the relation between the Vienna Circle and Neo-Kantianism.

Friedrich STADLER

Professor in History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Vienna, founder and director of the Institute Vienna Circle, has excellent interdisciplinary skills, both in research as well as in teaching, thanks to his involvement in interdisciplinary doctoral and MA study programs. He is an expert of the epistemology of Ernst Mach and of the Vienna Circle and editor of several series devoted to the Vienna Circle Philosophy (Veröffentlichungen des Instituts Wiener Kreis, Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook, Moritz Schlick Gesamtausgabe und Schlick-Studien, Wiener Kreis – Schriften zum Logischen Empirismus).

Francesca BIAGIOLI

is Postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Philosophie of the University of Vienna. She is an expert of neo-Kantianism and of its relations to the Vienna Circle and to structuralism: he has published on the philosophy of science of Cohen, Cassirer, Weyl, Nelson, Riehl.